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XXXHOLiC 212 translation

 Thanks radiomacrossing for translation.

Page 1:
I want a way to get out of there
To fly to the one I love

Page 6:
Doumeki: And then you woke up
Watanuki: Yeah
Doumeki: It’s done.
Watanuki: Put it in.
Watanuki: Alright

Page 7:
Watanuki: …..
Watanuki: OK
Doumeki: It’s good.
Watanuki: I see.
Watanuki: Hirezake (sake with blowfish) is really great for winter.

Page 8:
Doumeki: So.
Doumeki: Whose dream was it?
Watanuki: I don’t know, because I woke up right away.
Watanuki: Well,
Watanuki:: I’ll find out when I see it again.

Page 9:
Watanuki: If it’s necessary.

Page 10:
Watanuki: A butterfly again.
Watanuki: It’s not hot. It’s not cold. There’s no wind. There’s nothing.
Watanuki: Just a world with a butterfly.

Page 11:
Watanuki: Whose dream could this be?
Watanuki: Do you
Watanuki: Want to tell me something?

Page 12:
Watanuki: What do you want to tell someone?

Doumeki: And then that’s where you woke up again?
Watanuki: Yeah.
Doumeki: So, in the end, you weren’t able to find out whose dream it was.
Watanuki: Yeah.
Watanuki: But, if there’s a necessity for me to know, I’ll probably see it again.

Page 13:
Watanuki: The continuation of that dream.
Watanuki: A butterfly again.

Page 14:
Watanuki: Won’t you tell me?
Watanuki: What you want to tell me?
Watanuki: At least, if I knew whose dream this was.
Watanuki: Oh well.
Watanuki: I’m going to search around a little.

Page 15:
Doumeki: You searched, but didn’t find anything, and then you woke up.
Watanuki: That’s right.
Doumeki: This is the first time I’ve heard you say that you couldn’t understand a dream, Watanuki.
Watanuki: Yeah.
Watanuki: It’s been a long time for me too.
Watanuki: Eat some konnyaku too.
Watanuki: It’s good, this konnyaku.

Page 16:
Doumeki: It may taste that way.
Watanuki: You don’t like the texture.
Doumeki: Yeah.
Watanuki: For such a huge body, you sure are picky.
Doumeki: Body size and texture have nothing to do with whether you like something or not.
Doumeki: …What are you going to do?
Watanuki: It doesn’t look like there’s anything that I can do.
Watanuki: I’m certain it wants me to do something, so I’ll see it again.

Page 17:
Watanuki: The continuation of that dream.

Watanuki: It really is pitch black.
Watanuki: And there’s a butterfly flying.
Watanuki: Hey, won’t you tell me?
Watanuki: What you want me to do, or what you want to tell me?

Page 18:
Watanuki: And, whose dream is this?

Page 19:
Doumeki: You asked, but you didn’t get an answer and then woke up.
Watanuki: That’s right, but the way you say that irritates me.
Doumeki: I’m not really implying anything.
Watanuki: I know that, but sometimes it irritates me. Remember that.
Doumeki: Alright.
Doumeki: What’s (on the menu) today?
Watanuki: Potstickers. That’s why there’s Laochu (sp).

Page 20:
Watanuki: You seem very happy.
Doumeki: Because it’s good.
Watanuki: Thank you very much.
Doumeki: What are you going to do next?
Watanuki: I’m going to try to use a spell.
Doumeki: Even though you don’t know who the requestor of this job is?

Page 21:
Watanuki: Well, to me, butterflies are special.

Page 22:
Watanuki: We meet again.
Watanuki: Now, I’ve continued to see this dream so many times.
Watanuki: It’s definite that you need me for something.
Watanuki: Then won’t you tell me today what it is?

Page 24:
Watanuki: Sorry to scare you.
Watanuki: If you tell me, I’ll let you out right away.
Watanuki: What did you come to tell me?

Page 25:
Watanuki: What?

Page 26:
That form was the beloved person he continued to wait for a long time. Next issue, last episode of xxxHolic.
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