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CLAMP-NET's beginning of December update: tossed a new layout up for the community ...enjoy. (updated for CLAMP-NET's mid-month update)

Kobato. ~ [Newtype - monthly drops]
~no new scheduling breaks~
December 9: Megumi Nakajima's Jellyfish no Kokuhaku single
December 10: Newtype 1 with an interview with Nanase Okawa and the director of Kobato, Masuhara Mitsuyuki.
December 25: Kobato. Kotobukiya PVC figure
December 26: Volume 4
January 20: OST 1
January 29: DVD Volume 1
February 24: Kobato. Characters Collection anime book
Other DVD release dates

xxxHOLiC・Rou ~ [Young Magazine - weekly chapters]
~chapters appearing 12/21(double-issue), 1/4(double-issue), 1/18~
December 22: Volume 16
April 23: Volume 17 (also available with OAD

December 1: Member-only illustration graphic - Mokona = Modoki white & black (d/l graphics at chibiyuuto's)
December 10: Gundam 30th Anniversary Illustration artbook with CLAMP contributions
December 22: 'Emotion the Best' Cardcaptor Sakura movies re-released on DVD
December 22: Member-only illustration graphic - Sakura & Syaoran

March 2010: CLAMP in America
August(?) 2010: Mangettes: Gate 7

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