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/spams the comm with more TRC 28 edits

There're a few more that were unnoticed o/ And one of them has a bit of new dialogue, too, so it'd be great if someone could translate it?

All volume scans are courtesy of shunkanidou 8|b

I'll link to the scanlations 'cause I'm lazy |D I do have the raws if anyone needs them, though?

- The original raw
- The edited page for the volume. Look at Syaoran and Sakura o/ ... I much prefer the original ones, actually, but I guess CLAMP wanted them to sadface until Kuro talks to them.

- The original
- The edited page. Tiny edit is tiny! Look at the Syaos' and Sakura's expressions.

- The original
- The edited page. Don't think I need to point out things for this one. This is the one with the new dialogue - I get the gist of what's being said but an accurate translation would be awesome.

- The original
- And the edited pages A & B.

I'm pretty surprised at the amount of edits total, specially considering volume 27 was left just the same.
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