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[Project] Fanbook Support Needed Part 2

It's getting closer to the deadline, so it's time to raise more support for the production of our Happy 20th Anniversay •CLAMP• Fan Appreciation Fanbook.

We have confirmation on how we will be mailing our gift to CLAMP. It does involve the fanbook being reviewed by a third-party before they give it to CLAMP. Because of this fact, I'd like us to be able to print 2 copies of the fanbook; one for the reviewer and one untouched copy for CLAMP.

cardcaptorkiki, crys_tenkari & senefen were very helpful in getting monetary donations towards our total cost, but we still need over half the total estimated costs. One 400-page hardcover book is estimated to cost $105 including shipping from the printing company to me. We also have additional shipping costs to the third-party and shipping costs to Japan.

Because we will try to print 2 copies, we may try to fit everyone's work into 1 book, but if we are able to raise more, we will be able to give everyone larger image and letter space, and create 2 volumes of fanbook works. (440 pages is the max print job for one book and we have a country splash pages for every country).

I'll be taking a Paypal donations starting now and continuing through July. I'll be taking a few larger contributions first (mostly so my Paypal account doesn't start looking like I've opened up a business). Later on in July, I'll be taking smaller contributions, so please set aside some money for us if you have some to spare.

Please comment if you'd like to help support the production of our fanbook.
I will first be taking contributions $10 USD and over.
I will now be taking any amounts $5 USD and up via Paypal.

(Comments are screened for privacy).
Leave this info and I will reply with my Paypal email.
1. Your preferred name (to be credited in the book)
2. How much you want to contribute.

*Thanks in advance for your support. Any unused funds will be sent to charity.
*Feel free to translate this and repost this to help us get more funds.


Support so far - $450 (this includes the previous cash support and the comments added to this post - updated 7/19)

Goal A - estimated $350 for two copies of a 440-page book including shipping - WE'VE REACHED THIS GOAL!!!!!
Or Goal B - estimated $600 for two copies of a 2-volume 880 total-page book (with more space for larger images and text) including shipping
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