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[Project]Anniversary/Appreciation Fanbook - Guidelines

Happy 20th Anniversary
Appreciation Fanbook Project

DEADLINE - note the new dates!!!

1. Regular submissions will be accepted between July 11 to July 25th only. NO late submissions will be taken. (The deadline was moved until after the major anime cons)

2. If you need a scanner, contact these volunteers ASAP to send your work to them early.
Our volunteer scanners are:
kasumicc - CHILE/S. America
junosama - USA/N. America
jannachan - NETHERLANDS/Europe


1. Format of the submission
Everyone who submits according to the guidelines and ON TIME will have a spot in the book. Nobody will get more than 1 page (unless you have already sent me a msg and received confirmation. Do NOT ask if you can have more than one page now. I will say no). Smaller submissions may have shared space with other small submissions on a page. You may submit 2 items max.

All submissions must deal with CLAMP-related subject matter. Please remember that this is an Anniversary gift and something to show them our Appreciation of their work.

Letters, fanfics and other text: Scanned letters or text files will be accepted.
-Scanned written/typed text - The book will be 10 x 8 inches (25 x 20 cm) landscape.
We will not accept scans smaller than 150 dpi and we will not accept anything larger than 300 dpi.
Send a jpeg or png.
Please write so that your letter is legible.

-Text document files - Send a simple .txt file. The editor will let you know if we cannot open it or if the language is not supported (I think most languages are ok). One page can fit about 550 words at 9 point font. This includes a border so that the page is not up against the spine.
We will not accept more than 550 words at 9 point font.
We will not accept smaller than 9 point font.
You may use larger font, but of course, the # of words are reduced.
You will not get more than one page. So if you have a photo and letter, they both must fit on one page

Scanned artwork/photo:
The book will be 10 x 8 inches (25 x 20 cm) landscape.
We will not accept scans smaller than 150 dpi and we will not accept larger than 300 dpi.
Send a jpeg or png.
We will not accept traced or vectored manga/anime images.
We will not accept colored manga pages.
We will not accept anything that uses artwork from any sources that is not your own.

***Anything remotely questionable or unsavory may be outright rejected by the editors. If you try to send something larger than the above guidelines, it will be shrunk or rejected. By participating in this fanbook gift to CLAMP, you are also agreeing to having your letters, artwork, photos, etc. seen by the community. CLAMP will be sent the book, and later on, the book will also be made available to the community to view.

2. Who to send the submission to - When the deadline comes around, you will email your submission with your preferred name/nickname to the editor for you country. Do not send anything now. Their emails will be posted when July comes around, but if you have questions, feel free to ask them.

ARGENTINA - li_vox_il
AUSTRALIA - senefen
BELARUS - miss_hali
BOLIVIA - clow_shirow or miyazawa_lulu
BRAZIL - chibiyuuto
CANADA - crys_tenkari
CHILE - clow_shirow or miyazawa_lulu
CHINA - x_reggg
COLOMBIA - clow_shirow or miyazawa_lulu
COSTA RICA - shidouhikaru15
CZECH REPUBLIC - chibiyuuto
ECUADOR - li_vox_il
EL SALVADOR - shidouhikaru15
ESTONIA - moonshadowangel
FINLAND - moonshadowangel
FRANCE - moonshadowangel
GERMANY - les_lenne
GUATEMALA - shidouhikaru15
GUYANA - li_vox_il
HONDURAS - shidouhikaru15
HONG KONG - x_reggg
HUNGARY - lexi_nyanko
INDONESIA - lexi_nyanko
ISRAEL - lexi_nyanko
ITALY - morgif_kun
MALAYSIA - x_reggg
MEXICO - shidouhikaru15
NETHERLANDS - moonshadowangel
NEW ZEALAND - senefen
NICARAGUA - clow_shirow or miyazawa_lulu
NORWAY - morgif_kun
PANAMA - li_vox_il
PARAGUAY - li_vox_il
PERU - li_vox_il
PHILIPPINES - darksage29
PORTUGAL - chibiyuuto
POLAND - chibiyuuto
ROMANIA - miss_hali
RUSSIA - miss_hali
SINGAPORE - x_reggg
SLOVAKIA - miss_hali
SLOVENIA - miss_hali
SPAIN - clow_shirow or miyazawa_lulu
SWEDEN - moonshadowangel
UKRAINE - miss_hali
UNITED KINGDOM - hungrybookworm
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [your preferred name starting with A-G]- dark_suzuka
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [H-P]- chiapetzukamori
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [Q-Z]- cardcaptorkiki
URUGUAY - clow_shirow or miyazawa_lulu
VENEZUELA - li_vox_il
VIETNAM - chibiyuuto
Any other countries not listed above - chibiyuuto

To the editors: let me know if I have forgotten any countries.

3. The original guidelines still apply, so please read that post, too. (Only 2 items per person will be accepted.)


Our final review editors will be iamsocool12345, starlady38 and myself/nokiirat.


And please consider donating some funds to help print this fanbook. We are actually pretty close to our goal, so I may not accept individual Paypal donations later on. Click HERE for information on how to donate. Thank you to everyone who has given so far!


Please do not email me any questions. Post questions and comments below.

If any of the editors translate this into their own language, let me know and I'll add the link to this post.
-in Spanish by shidouhikaru15

*updated 5/5/09*
This is open to revisions as we run across problems, solutions, suggestions, etc.
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