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[Project] Anniversary/Appreciation Fanbook

Happy 20th Anniversary •CLAMP• Appreciation Fanbook Project
In honor of CLAMP's upcoming 20th Anniversay, there was certainly enough enthusiasm about a fanbook to roll with the idea.

CHECK the community project tags for the most up-to-date news about our fanbook project, BUT comment here to be added to our list.

UPDATE: This has been rewritten to be a little less wordy. 1/17/09

A. Content:
1. What - Letters, fanart, fanfics, doodles, cosplay photos, anything printable. Two works per person will be the max. The two works must fit on a 10x8inch (25x20 centimeters) landscape page. You can certainly send only 1 item.

2. How - Digital files, scanned images (300 dpi max), if you do not have a scanner, we will have a community scanner that will accept your original work to scan and then the original work will be mailed back to you. Hand-written letters or fics on nice stationary can also be accepted as a scanned image.

3. Language - Your own language is perfectly okay. The organization will be in English, but everyone will get a little blurb on their page with their name/nickname/country. I think CLAMP will enjoy the variety & global scale and who knows? maybe they know someone who can translate your language...or maybe they know a little themselves. Besides, they probably see Japanese fanwork all the time.

4. No-no's - Anything with extremely questionable content will be put aside (Boy-love, girl-love is okay, but you know where to draw the line, right?). Something made or written by someone other than yourself will be booted. No colored manga pictures and no half-arsed pencil drawing done in math class on notebook paper. Sorry, your epic 50 chapter Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic will probably not be accepted.

B. Organization of the book: Chapters will be divided by country.

C. How it will be made:
We will use an online book publisher. I have had great results with blurb.com (professional-looking, awesome colors, just a tad bit more expensive than the competitors), but I am open to any other companies. Just let me give me a web address and I will check them out. (I am in the US, so please recommend US-based companies)

D. Where will it go?
There have been a couple really great suggestions on how to get ahold of CLAMP's publishers' addresses. We will definitely send an explanatory letter with our book. If you know of a way to get ahold of their address and have not already contacted me, please msg me. (I will keep all addresses private if need be)

E. No talent in writing or drawing?
As the deadline comes near, I will also be accepting donations towards the professional binding costs and certified + insured mailing costs. An estimate of costs will be calculated in the future, but please save a couple dollars in May for us.

A page of credits will be added to the book to include everyone who contributes anything.

F. The deadline?
May/June - please do not procrastinate.

G. Random notes:
-I saw that in another fanbook project, fans made plushies and scarves. I am NOT considering these items until we get confirmation of an address.
-What's going on the cover? Contest will be announced
-I had some people msg me about this project. If you were one, please disable your msging privacy option, so I can msg you back or leave another message here.

H. What I need now? Just a solid confirmation of numbers. Comment to be added to our list.

So once again, I need comments:
1. What you'd like to do - fanart, letter, photo, etc?

2. Where you are from and What language you will be writing in.

3. Any suggestions/questions?

I. Feel free to spread the word about this project. It would be wonderful to have solid chapters for each country, so please get your friends involved. I was initially aiming for a 50 page book, but hey, 200+ pages sounds even better, right? So please take another moment for the part H questions, and start thinking about how you'd like to express your love of CLAMP to CLAMP themselves. I'll do my best to make sure the book turns out beautifully and that it gets sent to the right hands.

Participants do not have to be a lj member, so if you have friends who are CLAMP fans, just have them comment here.

ETA 5/2/09: CLICK HERE for updated submission guidelines.
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