November 19th, 2009


[News] Kobato. DVDs


The cover of Kobato. DVD Volume 1 has been revealed at


Other extras have also been revealed. The mail-in gift for those who buy the first 6 DVDs will be a version of Kobato's glass bottle.

Limited edition Volume 2 will come with a Kobato & Kohaku drama CD. Limited edition Volume 3 will come with a Ioryogi cell strap plush.

And Kodakawa has listed the Kobato. Characters Collection anime book for release January 29th.

Tokubetsuhen extra page...again ^^;

I'm not quite sure it's ok for me to open yet another thread for this, but if I only edited the previous one I was afraid most of you would miss it, so here we go, thanks to syaoranmew who called my attention unto it, there indeed was a 10th page that was modified in the epilogue, not 'added' like the ones before, but really 'modified' (well, there is another modification in an 11th page but it's not important...)

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