November 8th, 2009


[Info] Kobato. DVD 1 has a couple new items added to the extras that come with Volume 1 of the limited edition DVD. The release date is January 29th and will contain 2 episodes.

DVD Volume 1 - limited edition extras
- CLAMP-illustrated box for the first 6 dvds
- mini-flash animation ('Kobato's Beginning')
- Kobato name tag
- Feature case, picture label, illustrated jacket*, 8-pg liner notes*
- gift application (for something when you buy the first 6 volumes)*
*also included with the regular DVD preorder link.

[Preview] Kobato Pinky St.


Here's a better look at the Kobato Pinky St. figure off of the cover of Newtype 12. The magazine should be out Tuesday.

(Btw~ Please do not directly link to images from this lj. (This is the first month I've gotten a bandwidth warning due to other websites hotlinking to images from my account.) Feel free to spread the CLAMP love, but please create your own account at Photobucket or Imageshack or Flickr.)