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~Welcome to a CLAMP livejournal community~

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This is a 'new' news and 'new' release group.
(The occasional 'rare' CLAMP news/release is allowed)

Sorry for the lengthy list of rules, but it discourages the spam and junk--

1. Please do NOT post inane fanfic, fanart, fan-icons, n00bs-squees, pimping over-priced goods, scanlations of licensed material, etc.
2. Please substantiate news & releases with credits and source links.
3. Please use a search engine or look through the tags page before posting a question.
4. Please post for the English-literate.
5. Do NOT post non-CLAMP news/websites/etc.
6. Do NOT use the translations or scans for scanlations unless you have permission from the contributor.
7. Do not hotlink to the images in this community. Please host the original image at your own lj, photobucket, imageshack account.
8. Spoilers and media-sharing posts must be f-locked & under a lj-cut. (Please credit spoilers)
9. Do not double-post.
10. Do not turn off comments & try not to link to a restricted forum or community.

PS. All posts are subject to deletion if inappropriate or inane, but help/request posts are okay. Many media posts are f-locked. Please join to see them.


Current publications

*GATE 7 - monthly chapters in JUMP SQ.
*Drug & Drop - monthly chapters in Young Ace
*xxxHOLiC Rei - weekly chapters in Young Magazine

Future publications productions

*Moon Saga - magazine unknown

Current anime productions

*Code Geass: Akito the Exiled

Future anime productions



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