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20 September 2016 @ 09:02 pm
 photo 2016-10 xxxholic rei 4le.jpg

xxxHOLiC Rei Volume 4 will be out Oct 6th.
16 September 2016 @ 08:19 am

Well, the subject of this post almost says it all: there is a 'CCS Limited Shop' which, as its name says, will be open for a limited time: from today, September 16th until October 4th at the Tokyo Shinjuku Marui Annex.

There will be CCS goods sold there, including pre-release and new products.
There is also an Exhibition Corner, showing off cell images and character panel of the anime "Card Captor Sakura".

In addition, the Lolita clothing brand "BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT" in sales in the 7th floor in the over-the-counter, will be responsible for the exhibition of the collaboration dress (I believe it's the Sakura pink Lolita dress that was revealed recently, which is a replica of the ilustration of the 2016 artbook cover).

There will  be a lottery: the customers who spend more than 2160jpy will be able to participate, the prizes are:
A賞 ミニスタンディ  (全5種) ※1点お選びいただけます。  - mini Stan di (all five) ※ 1 point you can choose.
B賞 ブロマイドセット (3種1組)  - bromide set (three one set)
C賞 ポストカード  - Post Card

And finally, there will also be a Magic Photo shoot corner for the fans to take pictures: (from the looks of it, they put accessories on the side *wand, Kero*, that's a nice touch ^_^)


新宿マルイアネックス 7F イベントスペース ONE Labo

11:00~21:00 日曜祝日は11:00~20:30

※ 最終日は19:00までの営業とさせていただきます。

[Holding period]
September 16th, 2016 (Friday) to October 4th (Tuesday)

Shinjuku Marui Annex 7F event space ONE Labo

【business hours】
11:00 to 21:00 Sundays and public holidays 11:00 to 20:30

※ 19 · 22 days of public holiday because of Marco and Maruo of 7 days 21: 00 will be operating with is up to.
last day it will be considered as open until 19:00.

[Source: https://www.0101.co.jp/005/store-info/fair.html?article_id=1463]
07 September 2016 @ 08:11 am

The cover for xxxHOLiC Rei volume 4 was revealed on twitter. It will be out October 6th.
 photo sn_00000019.jpg

The Cardcaptor Sakura website has updated with a sample image of the 20th Anniversary Memorial box. Please see prior posts for content information. It will be released in October.

The homepage also has a splash for Tomoyo's Birthday.
 photo sp_tomoyo_birthday_base.jpg
Baby, The Stars Shine Bright has revealed their Cardcaptor Sakura 20th Anniversary-inspired dress for your cosplaying needs.

 photo ccsakura_img_sample.jpg

Click here for preorders and pricing.
The complete outfit will be 63,720 yen.
It will be available April 2017, but you must preorder it beforehand.

CLAMP's original illustration below.
 photo ccsakura_img.jpg
01 September 2016 @ 03:47 pm
With an average of 35 pages per chapter, it is no surprise that we are getting to the end of a volume (which will have around 180 pages - 5 chapters), and they waited no time between the last chapter (ch05 will be published in the nakayoshi early october) and the release of the first volume, which is great ^_^

And so! Volume 1 of CCS CC will be released on December 2nd, 2016.
There is no further information, so far, as to if there will be different editions (normal and special?), any bonuses, the price, or how it will look like.


And here is also further info about the CCS Memorial box, scheduled to be released on October 3rd:

This new ad page shows us the apperance of the Kero plushy and also 2 pages of the calendar, but it makes no sens to say these are artworks that were never printed before though: both pics are 'old', so I personally assume, and hope, that it's only a temporary sample and not the final thing:

01 September 2016 @ 03:41 pm
People, you can start sheding bloody tears now....uurrrhhhhh....no, I mean, the cover of the CCS 2017 calendar (anime version) scheduled for release early october, was revealed....

....and it's an old artwork again...

Experience from the past few years has shown that when the cover is an old picture, the whole thing is...I am more disappointed this year compared to the previous ones, because I had high expectations due to CCS's 20th anniversary, the new manga and the annoucement of a new anime.

Nonetheless, it's still a very big A2 sized calendar with 7 pages of glossy paper and well printed anime artworks, and which potentially never made it in the artbooks! :)

I remind you that this calendar can be pre-ordered from pretty much everywhere for international fans: CDJapan, Amiami etc...
Hi, well, I'm sorry but I'm desperate and you are the only source online that is active and updated!!

I was wondering if any person in this community has links or archives of old Clamp fanfics.

I'm mostly looking for MKR, CCD or X fanfics, specially Rika Takahashi's, Kristin Huntsman's, Peregrine Vision's, Neko Juliano's and Nikholas Toledo's.

Please help, 'cause all the archives and sited are long lost and I really want to read this amazing stories and although I'm sure I had them I think I lost most of them when my pc crashed a few years ago.

Thank you and be well, Monica
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The product was listed today in amiami (right HERE) and these are the details they put about it:


[Set Contents]
-Card-shaped calendar
-B6 booklet


Author: CLAMP

(1) Special clear sleeve designed with new illustration by CLAMP
(2) "Special 1/1 Kero-chan plush" made based on (1) illustration
(3) "Nakayoshi furoku-fuu birei calendar" including 5 illustrations that are published as a book for the first time
(4) "Special booklet" (16 pages) including bangai hen manga.

*Manga work included in the booklet is a rerecording of short stories that were included in 1998 released "Cardcaptor Sakura illustration collection".


So yes, it's now 100% confirmed that we are getting the oneshot from the 90's artbook...
It's interesting to see they are using yet again a clear sleeve, like they did for the artbook and the special edition of vol09.
It's also a surprinsingly nice touch of them to take the pain to make a Kero plushy which looks like the artwork of the memorial box: they could have just put a random plush toy version of Kero ^^;
As for the calendar's illustrations, it feels like they are going to use the latest pictures released these past few month in the Nakayoshi, which is not bad really: they are all quite nice and having a textless and well printed version is good ^_^
I'm not sure what to feel about the "card shaped" calendar though: I hope they are not talking about the dimensions, because it means it's going to be quite little ^^;

EDIT: also available for pre-order at CDJAPAN and AMAZON.CO.JP

EDIT [08/23]:

18 August 2016 @ 03:20 pm
Yep, it's already that time of the year: the time when the new calendars are slowly being revealed!
Just like the previous years, there is going to be a 2017 CCS Calendar (anime version):

Dimensions: A2 (59.4X42cm)
7 pages
Price: 1728 jpy
Release date: early october 2016

The last few calendars were all made of old artworks from the 90's anime...
There is no information, as of now, about whether we are going to get new illustrations this year (please! at last!) or if they are going to recycle old ones again...
05 August 2016 @ 03:38 pm
 photo news_xlarge_holic_12.jpg photo news_xlarge_holic16.jpg

If you weren't too keen on all of the CCS merchandise being released this year, maybe you'll want to spend a few yen on the Yuuko-inspired xxxHOLiC lingerie coming out next year (pre-orders start today).

See Super Groupies for more detail.
 photo kc_tsubasa-niraikanai3_tokusou-224x300.jpg

Here's the other cover of TWC coming out August 17th. The limited edition will contain an audio drama/Playbutton. [CLAMP-NET]
 photo 2016-08ccsmem.jpg

Another piece of merchandise for the CCS fans is coming out in the form of a Memorial box.

It will contain:

  • Nakayoshi Cardcaptor Sakura Calendar (with 5 previously unpublished illustrations)

  • Sakura and Touya Childhood Memories comic side-story (16P)

  • 1/1 scale Kero plush

  • And featuring a new illustration by CLAMP on the box (in the above ad)

On sale October 3rd for 3600 yen!
[CCS website info]
 photo TWC3.jpg

Tsubasa World Chronicle Volume 3 will be out August 17th. Above is the cover.

 photo sm810.jpg

Tsubasa will also be returning to Shonen Magazine in the August 10th issue to celebrate the release with a special chapter. The Tsubasa chapter will be a special onsen chapter, ツバサ-WoRLD CHRoNiCLE-鬼怒川温泉編-.
01 August 2016 @ 12:07 pm
How awesome it is to get a dedicated video for this gorgeous figure? :)
The video features narration by voice actor Sakura Tange!

You can watch the eng subtitled version on GSC fb account.
The one bellow is the japanese version available on youtube: