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Do you guys remember the Good Smile Company 10th Anniversary survey? About what should be the next nendoroid they release?
I actually posted a link in this community this past February, encouraging you to vote for Syaoran hahahaha~
I don't know how many of you noticed, or voted for it, but.... IT HAPPENED!!!


And since they were at it, they added a figma too, which is the sensible thing to do :P

23 July 2016 @ 08:52 pm

From this weekend's Wonder Festival 2016, GoodSmile Company announced many new figures this afternoon on twitter including two upcoming CCS Syaoran figures, Nendoroid and figma.
20 July 2016 @ 07:24 am
Amazon Japan now lists the GoodSmile Company's Kinomoto Sakura figure which will be available for preorder July 21, tomorrow. There are two versions.
Both will be released June 30, 2017.

Sakura only:
 photo 51qUCDEdlkL.jpg
Price - 14,000 yen
GSC preorder link

 photo 510KEj2GsyL.jpg
Sakura Stars Bless You full figure:
Price - 25,000 yen
GSC preorder link

Update: More photos at GSC blog
GSC product page
GSC's 15th Anniversary website
19 July 2016 @ 09:10 am

Some non-CCSakura figures will be coming our way. GoodSmile Company will be releasing more details on the Magic Knight Rayearth Hikaru figma figure tomorrow, but enjoy the previews on twitter in the meantime.

This post will be updated tomorrow with their news.
Update: The figure is now available for preorder.
GoodSmile link
Price: 6,800 yen
Release date: January 2017
10 July 2016 @ 06:32 pm

Young Magazine has tweeted the above splash image for this month's xxxHOLiC chapter.
07 July 2016 @ 09:16 pm
EDIT: I have taken off the image with the annoucement, since I've seen around the internet that the european community manager of GSC has been asking the fans to remove the image, as the release date and other information are subject to change. I wasn't contacted by anyone, but decided to take it off anyway.

And the official release date iiisss!!! *drum rolls*

SPRING 2017!!!

Great, great, GREAT news!! Most fans, me included, were wondering how we would be able to afford such an expensive figure if it was released by the end of the year, especially since a lot of us already previously made many fall/winter 2016 pre-orders for other items that can't be cancelled
But thankfully, it's SPRING 2017!! (I can finally breath at ease)
Now, there is a rumor going around that it's going to be available for pre-order on July 13th, on Syaoran's birthday, nonetheless, this is to be confirmed as there is no official source...

This was revealed at GSC Pop-Up store which is taking place between the 6th and the 9th of July in Paris, France.
This is happening during the famous yearly Japan Expo in Paris, between the 7th and the 10th of July.

The two Sakura Nendoroids will be available for preorder tomorrow.
Nendoroid Co-de Sakura Kinomoto: Black Cat Maid Co-de
Nendoroid Co-de Sakura Kinomoto: Angel Crown Co-de

Kotobukiya has recently announced production decision for figures dedicated to “Card Captor Sakura” Kinomoto Sakura.
It will be sculpted in a 1/7 scale and will be also manufactured by Takara Tomy.

It was announced at Anime Expo 2016 in the event’s catalog by the company, and is scheduled to become available in 2017, with additional details and information still to be announced at the moment.

This is obvisouly going to be a figure of Sakura wearing her costume from the 3rd OP. I think there is a big potential here to make something very nice, but all will depend on the pose...
I am not too sure what it means for it to be manufactured by Takara Tomy, but if it's the same quality as the previous one, we can expect the price should also be in the same range, meaning ~10000jpy

[sources: moonlitsaki & gamecollectibles]
Special Thanks to 6wendybird91 for letting me know about it ^_^

03 July 2016 @ 11:55 am
To commemorate the release of the "Clear Card Edition" new CCS manga, a big costumed Kero appeared in Tokyo's Kinokuniya Seibu Shibuya on July 2nd.

This costume was produced in accordance with the new work. It's not its first appearance thogh: he was seen first in the 2016 Tokyo Toy Show, which was held in June. People who got the ticket enjoyed a two-shot shooting of Kero-chan.

This event on July 2d coincided with the release of the August issue of Nakayoshi, which contained the 2d chapter of Card Captor Sakura clear card Edition That issue came with memos with illustrations drawn by CLAMP.

Read more...Collapse )

Nakayoshi July issue of the series was the start of the "Card Captor Sakura clear card Edition", and it was nearly sold out after only one week.

Ms. Ikuko Nakazato (the editor-in-chief), in response to this:  "I have to apologize for any inconvenience to a lot of readers. I want to re-read the legendary masterpiece "Card Captor Sakura"! This new series is a dream come true for the readers and the editorial department, the "ultimate excitement", and it started by getting sold out, which made us look forward even more to the future of Sakura project! A lot of readers did not have the opportunity to get the issue, I am feeling really sorry. When a strong new series and a strong appendix are combined, that makes them even stronger!"
It was a big surprise for everyone, even in the editorial department of Nakayoshi.

[I used an online translator for this, and modified quite a bit to make it understandable].

[source: natalie]

02 July 2016 @ 08:22 am
The Nakayoshi 08 was barely released today, but we are already looking forward the next one being released on August 2d ^^;

The 09 issue will include a Kero Spray Pen. It comes also with 4 pens: you put a color pen inside the spray pen, and then you only need to press Kero and you will get splashes of colors on paper~

It was also confirmed that the 3rd chapter will also include a color page ^__^
In the 90's manga, every single chapter got a color page! And it looks like it's the same now: having a new CCS illustration by CLAMP every month is such a luxury!

なかよし9月号(8月3日発売)の第3話もカラー付きで掲載予定! そして
 photo tumblr_o9njdmVsZA1sb0xqio1_1280.jpg

The colored prototype of this new figure, Cardcaptor Sakura: Stars Bless You, is currently on display this weekend at the Anime Expo. A limited edition print of the illustration is on sale there, too.

Thx to mechanicaljapan at tumblr

Additional photos and figure information will be updated here.
More photos under cutCollapse )
For the ones who lost track and simply were't interested to begin with, there have been a total of 4 CCS ichiban Kuji to this date:

JUNE 2014 - Ichiban Kuji Cardcaptor Sakura ~Clow Card Chapter~ [homepage]
JANUARY 2015 - Ichiban Kuji Card Captor Sakura - Kerberos to Teaparty - [homepage]
- Ichiban Kuji Card Captor Sakura ~Sakura in Wonderland~  [homepage]
JANUARY 2016 - Ichiban Kuji Card Captor Sakura ~Hanyan to Wa Modern~ [homepage]

And I am ow introducing the latest to date: Ichiban Kuji Card Captor Sakura ~Sakura's Fortune Magic~  [homepage]

Date: mid november 2016
Price: 620jpy each participation

Listing of prizes:

○ A Award - cushion
○ B Award  - magic rug
○ C Award - Unseal Release mirror
○ D Award  - vanity pouch
○ E Award  - stuffed mascot ~ Original Costume ~
○ F Award  - set rubber accessories
○ G Award  - stationery set
○ H Award  - characters rubber Charms

Special prize : new Illustration by CLAMP
Special prize : new Illustration autographed by CLAMP

Yue is looking absolutely dashing here, and Kero is so adorable too in his witch costume! But I don't understand why is Sakura still so young? She looks beautiful though ^__^

24 June 2016 @ 01:11 pm
Well, even though it's only a shadow at the moment, you can very easily tell that she is wearing her rollers and school uniform, she is very likely in a pose when she is rolling with the wind in her face (reason why her arm is lifted and positioned on her hat).
Release date: November 2016

To be sincere, I'm not feeling excited about it, at this point, it really feels like "one more Sakura figure"  added to the long list of existing and announced ones.
I will not not be purchasing it, and will save money for a high quality figure like the big Sakura scale by GSC.
The other thing is that with the new arc of CCS, I know want to see a "new" Sakura, not the 90's version anymore.
 photo ccsn1.jpg

...is available at the Cardcaptor Sakura website here (click on Vol. 1)

Translation here.
16 June 2016 @ 08:03 am
Happy Birthday to Mokona, who turned 47 years old to day, June 16th ^_^

She is the one in charge of illustration and character design, to which we owe many of the beautiful artworks we've been enjoying all these years!
She must be working extra hard on CCS these days! :D

Here goes a sketch by Nekoi for her: