For the ones who forgot about it, or simply missed the post, here the post about it with the listing of items and pictures of them too: HERE

Previously, we only got a 3D pic of the figure, but here is now what it actually looks like for real:

Also, the new illustration drawn by Clamp was also revealed: Sakura falling down in a sea of sweets, cakes and pink clouds, lovely! Seeing how she is holding on her teacup, she was dragged out of a Tea Party pretty abruptly ;)

As you can see on the left side, this time around we don't only get the new big illustration (this artwork holder is 35cm), but we also got a mini gallery on the side, Alice in Wonderland themed of course: on top, old artworks from a decade ago; on bottom, news ones with all the characters in chibi versions > Sakura as Alice/Queen/Cheshire Cat/Rabbit, Syaoran as Cheshire cat, Tomoyo as Queen, Kero/Spinel as Cards Soldiers, Touya as Mad Hatter and Yuki as White Rabbit.
27 June 2015 @ 12:00 am
Looking absolutely fabulous!
These 4 Tsubasa rubber straps by Break were announced today, there is no release date yet but they should be available soon enough.
This is new art by Clamp, but the outfits are from an old illustration though~

As usual, the next cover is revealed in a pamphlet inside the book: no surprise, it's Spinel and Ruby together with Sakura, but OMG, it looks GORGEOUS!!! <3 Lovely artwork!!! One of the best so far, but which I hope will be surpassed by...Sakura x Syaoran in volume 9 of course!!! XD

[sources: pao tsukino and chibiyuuto]
25 June 2015 @ 07:59 pm

Here goes the 7th cover of CCS Nakayoshi 60th anniervsary edition, I can't say there is any surprise here since we've known about this since last month though hahaha~ What is good though, is that it's now 100% clarified to the people who still had doubts, that this EriolxSakura picture was indeed not the cover of the special edition of volume9 which, by the way, has been available for pre-orders for a few days, and cost only 100jpy more than the previous volumes.


Will be out June 20th.
 photo tumblr_np4jrgem721rtf1q8o1_500.jpg

The illustration promo for Volume 9 which is out in August. (this maybe the cover of 7 or 8 but the person who shared the image believes it is for 9)
Yes!  Nakayoshi in their special 60th anniversary website, announced today, in the same post they introduced the newly released volumes 5 and 6, that the final volume, vol09 - scheduled for released in august, will not only be available in the usual Regular Edition form, but will also be getting a Special Edition! :D







The special edition will come with a special sleeve and a special 12 big cards set. The set will be composed of:

  • 09 cards featuring the unreleased illustrations available in the digital edition as a bonus;

  • 01 card featuring the full illustration that is being used for the trading cards for each volume;

  • 02 cards featuring the illustrations from the new covers of the Anniversary edition (they don’t mention which ones).

The cards will be in the same size as the books (B6) and the special sleeve will hold them all. More details regarding the cards and special sleeve will be announced soon.


How exciting is that??!! I am really looking forward to this Special Edition in August, I can't wait!! :D

EDIT[June 16th]: from the testimony of someone who bought the book, there is NO TUTORIAL by Clamp in this book, in spite of it being clearly included in the description on the book in various trustworthy and famous websites like or CDJapan...

[source: from chibiyuuto fb]

"CLAMP are featured in "SS Illustration Making Book - SS illust making book - Copic Vol.01", a "how-to" Illustration book featuring many mangakas using copic marker pen such as Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), Takeshi Obata (Death Note, Bakuman etc..) and others. It has 112 pages, was released on May 23rd, 2015 and costs 1400jpy.

I would say this is actually very interesting for all the fanartists out there, me included, but only if there are many pictures to explain the steps for the ones who don't understand japanese!!
Card Captor Sakura

By Furyu, we got a new figure and adorable little plush toys, with one of them being...Meilng!!! What a surprise to see her! In this flood of merchandise we've been drowning under for the past year and a half, this is the first good of her, so cute!

CCS Furyu character mascot Vol.4 [release date: october 2015]

CCS Furyu character mascot Vol.5 [release date: november 2015]

CCS Furyu "Platinum star" [release date: december 2015]

[sources: dengekionline, hobby-maniax]

Magic Knight Rayearth

[October 2015 releases]

Angel mascot
(there are gold wings on their backs!)

Stuffed blanket

Big Mokona: God version! Notice the gold colored jewel on her head (instead of red) and the wings on her back! Gorgeous! [release date: November 2015]

Mokona pouches, like little purses [release date: December 2015]
Volumes 5 and 6 are scheduled to be released in less than 24h in Japan, and here are the first previews of the covers, from Kodansha website:

I was actually genuinely surprised:
1-Kero&Yue are vol06's cover instead of vol05 like it was expected (meaning there was really no error in the pamphlet included in vol03-04, they were indeed advretising for vol06), since vol05 content is about  the Last judgement in which both characters appear in their true forms for the 1st time
and 2-a whole cover was actually dedicated to...Mizuki sensei! Not that she isn't an important character, but I expected her to appear with Eriol or not at all, not for her to have her own stand alone cover~ This is the very first artwork showing Sakura x Mizuki ever made since the creation of the series!!!

Also, the cover's layout changed as expected: we went from Moon to Star in the bottom, from Sun to Star on top, and from little stars to a little monn and sun on the sides! I also suspect the back cover switched from Clow's magic circle to Sakura's magic circle~

There are now 3 covers left: vol07-08-09 : vol09 is definitely Sakura X Syaoran, no mystery here, also the pencil sketch revealed on Ohkawa's birthday a few weeks ago is now definitely either vol07 or vol08 cover, and since the only characters left are Spinel and Ruby, they will either both appear with Sakura in a cover, or be included together with the one with Eriol? Well, there are still questions about the last 3 artworks I guess? ;)

[this post will be updated with better previews when available]

EDIT [from RAKUTEN] (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

LAST EDIT, best previews: (click on thumbnails to enlarge)


Yet another anniversary! This year 2015, Anniversaries of all kinds are literally falling off the skies and crawling through the earth, and with them come goodies and artworks~
This time, it's ASUKA magazine 30th Anniversary: Kadokawa Shoten's ASUKA is the magazine in which X-1999 premiered in May 1992 issue, and ran there until the magazine's editors showed concern with the increasingly violent stories and the series went on long-term hiatus in March 2003...

And so! To celebrate said 30th Anniversary, the readers will get an opportunity to win a mini drawing board (shikishi) featuring "X", drawn and signed by CLAMP.
A colored reprodution of the signed mini drawing board will come as an appendix in the next issue of ASUKA magazine, out on June 24.

[source: Clamp twitter and chibiyuuto]

Only one week after Good Smile Company announced the postponement of their Figma Sakura Kinomoto, today, we got another announcement: the Kotobukiya figure ARTFX J of Syaoran Li release date has been changed: he will be reelased late June instead of late May like he was supposed to.

All in all, there are now 3 very anticipated figures released all at the same time: GSC nendoroid Tomoyo, GSC Figma Sakura and Kotobukiya ARTTFX J Syaoran...

This is Hell for my wallet gah! I was supposed to pay for them separately in 2 different months, but now, I'm stuck with one huge expense in June, this hurts, those guys are killing the fans! (death by excesssive money bleeding!)
I wanted to buy "Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary Edition CCS Volume 2", but it's currently out of print.
08 May 2015 @ 03:58 pm
The title of this post says it all: the release date of figma Sakura Kinomoto by Good Smile Company was changed: she will be released in June 2015 instead of the end of this month like she was supposed to be. Meaning that in June, there will be 2 CCS figures released at once by GSC: Figma Sakura and Nendoroid Tomoyo.

マックスファクトリー「figma 木之本桜