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25 November 2015 @ 07:40 am
 photo 2015-12 chobits.jpg

The new Chobits Blu-ray box set will be released December 25th. Above is the new CLAMP illustration for the box. The set will contain the full 24 episode anime, 32 page booklet and 11 illustrative postcards for 28,000 yen.
04 November 2015 @ 05:50 pm
A pretty funny sketch, related to the lastest chapter of Holitsuba released in October: Clamp's imagined the whole cast as horses...so here you got the balcony scene with Sakura/Horse/Romeo x Syaoran/horse/Juliet!
Sakura looks very much into it, white Syaoran doesn't looks quite convinced by the whole thing, but goes on with it anyway hahaha~

25 October 2015 @ 07:42 pm
Here goes a big version of the BD case's cover which is included in the deluxe edition of TWC vol02, those 3 are looking good!! :D I'm really loving this illustration~

source: http://sinacn.weibodangan.com/user/2481373504/

22 October 2015 @ 01:31 pm
See first post about Nekoi's art for Halloween 2015 HERE

Well, this picture bellow was a bit of a surprise since I actually genuinely didn't recognize Kurogane for a sec here ^^;

[click to enlarge]

AGF 2015 is to be held on November 7th, 2015 in Japan, and at that date, pretty nice goods from BREAK will be sold at their booth there: all badges and acrylic keychains of Card Captor Sakura, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and Magic Knight Rayearth.

They are featuring new artworks by CLAMP, all SD versions of the characters, aren't they adorable?! :D Their clothes designs are not new in the sens they come for old illustrations, but seeing chibi versions of them is just too cute for words! XD The only thing I'm wondering about is the CCS collection: why randomly add up Yue, instead of respecting the original artwork and adding up Eriol? This, I do not understand...

On the twitter account of BREAK, there seems to say something about a pre-sale of the badges collections, but I do not know how this works, but very likely a service dedicated to the fans in Japan, not international buyers.

The TRC rubber keychains are not part of thew AGF2015 event (though I personally expect they will very likely be sold at the Break booth too...): only the badges are. The rubber keychains are scheduled for release on October 31th, 2015.

18 October 2015 @ 05:53 pm

We are still 2 weeks away from Halloween, but Nekoi has already started posting new pencil illustrations all themed around Halloween.
I hope we will see more of them, ans also that some will hopefully be colored by the end of this month

[click on thumbnails to enlarge]

09 October 2015 @ 07:26 pm

In the Weekly Shonen Magazine nº45, readers will have a chance to win CLAMP's 2016 Greeting Card.

2016 will be the year of the Monkey in Chinese Zodiac.

Sources: chibiyuuto's FB and  https://twitter.com/tsutsu0401/status/651743473112997889

06 October 2015 @ 05:56 pm

To celebrate the release of the 2d volume of Tsubasa this month, a new Holitsuba Gakuen oneshot will be released: it will be published in Weekly Shonen Magazine #47, scheduled to be released on October 21th, 2015

I'm really happy about it :) It's been SO long since the last chapter of Holisutsuba was released! I can't wait to see this!
 photo kc_tsubasa-niraikanai1.jpg photo tokusoBOX2.jpg

The illustrations for the next Tsubasa volume are up at the CLAMP website. The special edition will include the Blu-ray of the previously release Tsubasa Shunraiki OVA, the special slipcover and special charm. The release date is October 16th.
Yet another new Ichiban Kuji (lottery) of Card Captor Sakura was scheduled already!! @_@
This new Ichiban Kuji will take place in January 2016.

The last one was on August 22d, less than a month ago, and the theme was "Sakura in Wonderland". This time the theme is not quite clear to me to be sincere...
That said, I'm fine with these Ichiban Kuji going on forever, since we always get a new illustration by CLAMP.

As usual, no preview picture so long in advance, but the listing of prizes was already released:

A賞 はにゃーんとおひるねクッション - cushion
B賞 ひなたぼっこケルベロスぬいぐるみ - Kero plush toy
C賞 封印の扇子 - folding fan
D賞 はいからトートバッグ - tote bag
E賞 ほっと一息マグカップ - mug
F賞 巾着ポーチ - drawstring bag
G賞 ガーゼタオル - towels
H賞 ラバーストラップコレクション - rubber strap collection
ラストワン賞 描きおろしイラスト色紙
ダブルチャンスキャンペーン 直筆サイン入り描きおろしイラスト色紙

official webpage
The lottery Ichiban Kuji themed "Sakura in Wonderland" which took place on August 22d in Japan had as a special prize, just like in the previous lotteries, a new illustration by Clamp.
Considering the theme, we obviously got Sakura as Alice!
This is the best preview I've seen of the artwork so far. If someone have something better, do share with us!!

[click to enlarge]

[source: blood x clamp]
17 September 2015 @ 01:51 am
Break Prize

From Break Prize, we are getting 4 new little figures of CCS SD (super deformed) characters designed by CLAMP.
For the moment, we only got the shadows, but the 4 figures are very clearly Sakura wearing a dress with wings, Tomoyo with braids, Syaoran and Yue.
No release date announced yet.

And also from Break, we got 3 pouches, all from the anime/manga: the chopstick case Sakura gave Syaorna on white day, the pouch Sakura gave Tomoyo on white day, and the so very known egg with gold wings~
Release date: October 2015

And finally, also from the anime/manga: the brooches that we saw in the sword card capture arc.
Release date: November 2015

"San-Esu : Mochi Mochi Mascots" ...

...is the name of these adorable little plushies you can see on the picture bellow! <3 Mochi are japanese rice cakes btw ^_^

[click to enlarge]

-Size: about 50mm ×  85mm
-Box: there are 9 mascots per box, meaning that by purchasing the box, you get the whole collection.
-Price: 6800 jpy

release date: december 2015
Available for pre-order on animate online shop : HERE
websites with info: hobby search blog - cafereo
EDIT: They are now available for pre-order at AmiAmi, for international buyers: MochiMochi Mascot - Cardcaptor Sakura 9Pack BOX

Takara Tomy

Kero Suppi Happy Chinese Collection of little keychains/charms/straps, Chinese Steamed Buns ver.
Release date: December 2015


We got 2 Super DX plushies from Banpresto~ One Kero and one Spinel :) [Kigurumi version]. They are around 21cm high.
Release date: October 2015


Last but not least, we are getting eye glasses from MOVIC! Wearable ones that is, not something that would make it looks you are cosplaying ^_^
They call them "PC glasses", and are available for per-order on both MOVIC japanese online shop HERE and also in Card Captor Sakura official japanese online store HERE. They cost 5400 jpy and are scheduled to be released on February 26th, 2016.

EDIT: They are now available for pre-order at AmiAmi, for international buyers: Cardcaptor Sakura - PC Glasses Sakura Kinomoto Model(Pre-order)

17 September 2015 @ 01:08 am
Here goes a preview of this month's issue's cover, looking great!
Shonen Magazine Special 10 is scheduled to be released this saturday, on september 19th, and not only do we get this gorgeous cover, but the chapter also got color illustration(s), and as a bonus, there is also a clear file!

[click to enlarge picture]






 詳細は「radiko」http://radiko.jp/ をご確認ください。


On KBS Kyoto Radio , and starting from October 1st, 2016, from 21h30 until 22h every friday, will be braodcasted a 30min proram starring the four members of Clamp (Satsuki Igarashi, Nanase Ohkawa, Tsubaki Nekoi, Mokona). They will talk about a bit of everything, manga, anime, the city of Kyoto, there will be guests voice actors etc...

chibiyuuto also made a post about it on his blog RIGHT HERE and from the look of it, international fans will have a hard time (not to say they just won't make it at all) to get these radio programs because of the very limited area of braodcasting.